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A recurring donation is a great way to not only pay forward some of the many benefits you’ve received though your long and fruitful affiliation with the club (and to help a new generation of Lion emerge, grow strong and prosper), but to get a tax-deductible donation in the process.

All proceeds will go to the Chicago Lions Charitable Association, and may then be directed as desired to the club and other rugby-related activities the CLCA supports.

Suggested donation levels per month:

  • $25 Alumni
  • $50 Bronze Alumni
  • $75 Silver Alumni
  • $100 Gold Alumni

It is not unlike the monthly donation many of you make to your local PBS radio or TV affiliate, or to any number of other charities. For example, you may choose $25 a month to go to the 15s program. This amount is then auto-deducted from whichever account you specify using a safe and secure credit card processing network. At the end of the year you will then receive documentation showing the tax allowable deduction. ($25/mo. x 12 mos. = $300/year; $100/mo. x 12 mos. = $1,200/year; etc.)

The continued success of high caliber clubs across the U.S. hinges on many variables, but history and experience have shown that perhaps the most important of those variables is the participation and support of a club’s network of Old Boys, alumni and benefactors. High achieving and storied clubs like NYAC, OMBAC, Belmont, Life, Seattle, Metro (Minneapolis) all have highly active and highly motivated alumni groups that help fund everything from the development of new fields and global tours to the recruiting of fresh, exciting and hungry talent.

Thank you.

Chicago Lions Rugby and the Chicago Lions Charitable Association

Rugby union is played by 15 players on a field and traditionally, is known as a “XV” in Roman numerals.

The First XV

For a $25,000 commitment payable over one to five years, you can be part of the First XV elite group. There are a few spots remaining.

See current First XV

Tyke Nollman (Captain), The Concord Group – John Duggan/Ed Stritch (Vice Captain), Paul Bergman, Walter Bodden, Patrick Bolger, Keith Brown, Bruce Calvert, Matt Campbell, Bill Fraumann, Mark Kaufman, Jack McNamara, Bob Muzikowski, Jim Robinson, Dick Smith, Tom Pirelli, David Skidmore, Harry Viljoen, Larry Zeno, Ed Kane, Illinois Youth Rugby.

The President’s XV

For a $10,000 commitment payable over one to five years, you can be part of the select group. The President’s XV is our second phase of our fundraising campaign. We hope to have 25 in this group.

See current President's XV

Dennis Dunne (Captain), Doug Andrews, Bob Bloomfield, Mike & Jack Brennan, Jim Henry, David Hourihane, Michael Palmer.

The Captain’s XV

For a $5,000 commitment payable over one to five years, you can be part of this group. The Captain’s XV is our third phase of our fundraising campaign. We hope to have 25 in this group.

See current Captain's XV

Chris McClellan, MC Laubscher.

The Clubhouse Donor Matching Program

On May 2nd, we named our future home, the J. “Tyke” Nollman Field. This was Tyke’s last public appearance in front of the club and he took advantage of it, announcing the Clubhouse Matching Program for $400,000. This generosity took all of us by surprise and will allow the club to have funds to build a clubhouse at our new home. Jane and Tyke Nollman will match dollar for dollar up to $400,000 for a potential $800,000 for the clubhouse.

Jane and J. Tyke Nollman

Create a Lions Legacy

This is a program designed to ensure the sustainability of the Chicago Lions and rugby in Chicago for years to come. In one way or another, your life has been impacted by your time as a Chicago Lion and these experiences keep you connected to the Chicago Lions. Chances are you already support charitable organizations, but have you included these organizations in your will or estate plan? By leaving a legacy, you can assure that the club will be there for future generations.

The simplest way to create a Lions Legacy is through a bequest in a will or estate plan. You can add (or change) a beneficiary designation on an IRA or pension fund or life insurance policy. Your legacy commitment can be expressed as a specific dollar amount or as a percentage.

If you would like more information or discuss your options, please get in touch.

About the CLCA

The Chicago Lions Charitable Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2011 through the efforts of several members of Chicago Lions Rugby.

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